Frequently Asked Questions

A Digital Store is a virtual replication of your physical store, on cloud. In this era of smart phones and internet, your Digital Store will enable you to showcase all your products, transact with ease over a digital counter and make it convenient for your customers to do business with you.
It is suitable for all businesses – big and small. Our primary aim of setting up Digital Stores is to enable small and medium sized businesses to go online and not get left behind in this era of digital commerce. With customers increasingly turning towards the internet for a convenient buying experience, it is time that markets and businesses adapt to service them better.
We work on a Subscription model. You can go through our Subscription plans and select a plan that best suits your business.
While classifieds and directories list your business, a Digital Store helps you convert those leads and gives your customers a platform to reach out to you directly and interact with you.
Download our app, choose a subscription plan that best suits your business and you’re done. Once you’re in, drop us a mail on to add your products in your new store and start inviting your customers.
Once you’ve signed up, our support team will be in touch with you to obtain information regarding your products and will subsequently set up your product catalogue for you.
Once you’ve set up your Digital Store, share your referral link with your customers to invite them to your Digital Store to get started. Your customers can browse through your products, choose the ones they want and chat with you over a Digital Counter for quotes and transactions.
Once your Digital Store has been created, Avysh offers you end-to-end support in managing your Digital Store including adding and amending your product catalogue. We also offer 24*7 access to our knowledgebase, video tutorials and blogs. You will also receive email, phone and chat support from our representatives.
Yes, we provide Digital Counter within the store where you can talk to your customer, chat with them about products, exchange documents, transact and provide a better customer experience.
The best part of setting up a Digital Store is that there are no constraints when it comes to space and products. You can now showcase all your products to your customers and increase visibility.
We pride ourselves in being able to set up a Digital Store within 7-10 days of sign up. This includes setting up the Store, Product Cataloguing and creating your own Digital Address.
Yes, once your Digital Store has been set up, we provide detailed training on how to use and make the most out of your store.
Our Solution is on a SaaS platform and SaaS platforms work on subscription models only. A recurring annual subscription involves complete support throughout the year in terms of technological updates, hosting, technical support and load balancing.
We offer a platform for you to grow your business, take it online and ensure better visibility. We are not a marketing company and do not make promises regarding your business. We simply provide you with the tools you need to stay relevant and grow in this era of Digital Commerce.