Raghav has an electrical appliance store at the heart of the busy market at SP Road, Bangalore. Due to the limited space in his store he can only display some of his products. His customers are not aware of the other range of products he has. To add to his problems, he knew that the digital era is catching on in India and he didn’t want to get left behind. But the existing solutions were too complicated, incomplete and costly.

Raghav turned to Avysh for a solution. Avysh helped Raghav take his physical store online. Avysh set up his own Digital Store where he could display all his products in one place and provide more options to his customers. Avysh’s Digital Store on a chat platform meant that Raghav could use technology he is already comfortable with at a cost-effective price. Now, with his own mark in the digital world and convenient experience for his customers, Raghav’s business grew by 28% because he was able to display ALL his products, acquire new customers, thanks to his online presence, and do more business than ever with his existing customers.

Digital Store

Open your own digital store
Don’t be limited by physical space – you can display ALL your products
Conduct business at a lesser cost
Make a mark in the digital world
Make it convenient to your customers to do business with you

Digital Counter

Talk to your customers over a digital counter
Chat with them about products
Exchange documents and transact
Conduct remote sales exactly how you conduct direct sales
Provide better customer experience

Digital Address

Your digital store with its own digital address
Your own space for your brand
Now share Pin code and Website address to customers
Get more virtual walk-ins

Are you ready for your own transaction story ?

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